Belle Gardens is committed to making a difference to the natural world.

Hedgehogs , sparrows, song thrushes and stag beetles are all declining species in the UK so we try and manage the gardens we create and maintain with this in mind.

We aim to increase the amount of wildflower gardens we sow each year to benefit insects and birds. We plant metres of rural hedging each year so that small mammals have wildlife corridors and birds have nesting sites.

Many of our clients ask for fruit trees and orchards to be planted which have a huge beneficial impact on wildlife. More and more people are asking for ponds for their children to enjoy pond dipping and to attract dragonflies and other creatures like frogs and toads . We attract creatures likes these to our gardens to eat snails and slugs so we never use slug pellets which may harm hedgehogs and birds.

If you would like advice or information on how Belle Gardens can help you to create a garden with wildlife in mind, please do contact us and see our services for more information.